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Johnston Guitars and Pickups

At Johnston Guitars and Pickups I make hand-wound Guitar Pickups and repair existing Guitar Pickups to your personal requirements at my workshop here in N.I. Perhaps you bought a budget guitar and now want to improve its performance? All Johnston Guitars and Pickups are hand-wound using enamel coated copper winding wire.

Based in Belfast, N. Ireland, Johnston Guitars and Pickups also offers Full Guitar Repair Services including Guitar Set-Ups, Guitar Upgrades, Modifications, Electric Guitar Wiring Repairs and Guitar Pickup Winding Services. Johnston Guitars and Pickups re-build stock guitars, giving them one off artwork paint jobs.

Client Testimonials

  • Great set up on the Strat. But even better – replacing my Fender Texas Specials with your MoJo Texas Hots really made a big difference.

  • Lovely job making the MoJo custom Tele Nashville guitar for me – really good.

  • Just a quick thank you for the set up on my Blade tele – guitar feels so much smoother to play, and is noise free!

  • Fret dress on Fender Strat: The guitar has never played better.

  • MoJo Hotbucker and a pair of MoJo El Paso single coils fitted to a Yamaha Pacifica: I like the way the Yamaha sounds now – sounds good clean and can be driven on with gain. So impressed with the tones.

  • Mo did some work on my bass – great job, reasonable price.

  • I’ll vouch for the Squier set-up, it was done for my cousin Noel. I’ve played it and it sounds brilliant.

    J.S Above Squier Upgrade
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  • Cut Telecaster style headstock on a Strat sytle neck , vintage finish & fit: Nice Job

  • Strat & Epi Casino fitted with hand-cut nuts and new tuners on the Strat: The Guitars have never sounded so good.

  • New hand-cut nut for Takemine G series: Great job.

  • Pair of MoJo Bluesman Double Black Humbuckers: My mate loves your pickups and I’ve got to the point where I’ve put my other guitar away!

  • Heard your pickups on my mate’s guitar – fantastic. I want some!

  • I’ve got a set of Mojo Tele pickups and they are spectacular. They easily stand up against the Bare Knuckle Brown Sugars I have.Mo’s a great guy and very easy to deal with.

    Adam MD